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5731859654 or +15731859654

Steve E. commented 2020-12-18
Rec’d call from 573-185-9654, no message. My phone indicated it as a spam risk.


9351312830 or +19351312830

Amy commented 2020-12-18
scam caller to UK


8327537638 or +18327537638

omeje nkiruka paulcheria commented 2020-12-18
marriage scam pretending that he wants to marry young girls so that he can dupe them by connecting them to an old woman via phone claiming that the first wife is dead living a baby girl for him.


9592052564 or +19592052564

Nyi Nyi Win Tun commented 2020-12-18
Nyi Nyi Win Tun Address is 64 and 65 Street Between. 111 and 112 Street Between. 64( B)Street.No.D-4/84. Chan Mya Tha Zi Township. Mandalay Division. Myanmar Country.


8001865655 or +18001865655

Komal Khan commented 2020-12-18
I want to know who called me 8001865655


5092633127 or +15092633127

Ermir shehu commented 2020-12-18
Is was so beatiful


6672000082 or +16672000082

medical office in CA commented 2020-12-17
Who is it?


2622008728 or +12622008728

Shawn commented 2020-12-17
Individual called my cell at @ 11:00 am pst. Claiming to be from an unnamed c**ona virus relief agency. When told to take me off his list; caller said "Shut The **** Up ****le!"


4436064420 or +14436064420

Claudio commented 2020-12-17
the owner of that number is a thief scammer


4141499585 or +14141499585

Anonymous commented 2020-12-17
Calls from this number are a scam. Beware. They target the elderly and are a bunch of scumbags trying to get personal and banking information.


8585859157 or +18585859157

Gordon Greene commented 2020-12-17
This is a legitimate number at Dexcom.


7869803967 or +17869803967

Xxxxxx commented 2020-12-17
Call went to my voicemail, but there was no message. Assume this is a scam.


2087292158 or +12087292158

David H. Paschal commented 2020-12-17
This number is a vehicle extended warrantee scam. Irregardless as to wether it is a scam or not, it is DEFINITELY irritating! I have been called so many times for this "Last" warning for reinstating my vehicle warrantee.


9037494284 or +19037494284

manche de pelle commented 2020-12-17
scammer ;)


3134922358 or +13134922358

Gio Frank Aviles commented 2020-12-17
This number is from a Detroit law inforcment Detective


3018689363 or +13018689363

Christian commented 2020-12-17
Whose number is this?