Forum to exchange fast scan information about phone numbers in the US


2016145167 or +12016145167

A. commented 2021-01-10
Ist ein Betrüger . Ein romance scammer. In Form von Kronprinz of Dubai


5083884220 or +15083884220

Iqbal commented 2021-01-09
Who can I clarify the location of the phone? I want to track the phone.


4697976425 or +14697976425

Wade commented 2021-01-09
This is a scam number, attempting to defraud people by offering Covid money. Don't fall for it.


4358945310 or +14358945310

Shelly kubitz commented 2021-01-09
Scam calling saying they are at&t and that your account has be suspend and asking you to put your information in when I called at&t they said my account is fine so it's a scam


8336580816 or +18336580816

CH commented 2021-01-09
Just received a text from this number and did say referenced in the text. It was a "here is your receipt" from Williams Locksmithing. I know I didn't use any locksmith company and also pretty confident it's a scam. I immediately deleted the message and never opened it, and I blocked the number.


4127199024 or +14127199024

Mrs. John Sharpe commented 2021-01-09
Apparently a hang up call from "WIRELESS CALLER". When I looked up the number, there weren't a lot of Google hits. And in at least one case the person had a fake address, and in another case the name sounded fake and the person also had OTHER numbers in other parts of the country. I mean seriously, I know people name their kids weird stuff sometimes, but "Cdr" as a first name? Don't think so.... Which means that it's a spammer....


8332263442 or +18332263442

RM commented 2021-01-09
Since it was a toll free call, I answered it. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand what the woman said, so I asked her to repeat it. Instead of repeating it, she hung up on me. Because of that, I immediately blocked the number.


3396661769 or +13396661769

Alira commented 2021-01-09
Who knows whose phone number this is? I want to know why they called me. Maybe someone knows.


4158253618 or +14158253618

CVD commented 2021-01-09
It is the number of a scammer


3107564027 or +13107564027

Giovani commented 2021-01-09
Whatever I do is my personal madness, This is ... I might think too much of you


9863180245 or +19863180245

Stuate3 commented 2021-01-09
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8431438718 or +18431438718

Sana shaikh commented 2021-01-09


9863180245 or +19863180245

Raju dulal commented 2021-01-09
Number of crooks who cheat and take your money.


6261159456 or +16261159456

LEKHRAM SAHU commented 2021-01-09
I missed a call from this number. When I called back, the number was disconnected. Now I don’t know who it was.


2238970002 or +12238970002

ilham commented 2021-01-09
Kembali kan akun saya yang di hack


8388935595 or +18388935595

Nanda Murmu commented 2021-01-09
I lost my phone


9087312237 or +19087312237

Tom commented 2021-01-09
Scammer!! Beware!


2013700088 or +12013700088

Jr commented 2021-01-09
Criminal fraud attempt by caller pretending to be a grandchild. Voice recognized as fraudulent fortunately and hung up.


9175999028 or +19175999028

Francesco commented 2021-01-09
Ho ricevuto una chiamata da questo numero,qualcuno sa cos'é?. Grazie


4127342471 or +14127342471

Jane Doe commented 2021-01-09
No message left from "UNKNOWN NAME". One site said the number belonged to someone but the street address listed doesn't exist (and the "person" also has an address in Fresno, CA with a completely DIFFERENT number -- apparently at the same time. Another person also listed as the owner with a completely different name and a LOT of different addresses and phone #s. And two sites said the number belonged to someone with initials not matching EITHER name....