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3025432403 or +13025432403

Rose Edubas commented 2021-01-11
this unmber is claiming to be Mr. Abbas Sajwani the owner of Damac Grop of comapnies in Dubai..Pyramiding investment scheme is accepted and is offering higher profit that sounds suspicious.


2161549781 or +12161549781

Makis commented 2021-01-11
Today I received a call from this number. the guy who spoke had an Indian accent and said he works for Microsoft. I think it's a scam and I hung up. The number was 216 1549 781. if anyone knows more please leave a comment.


3106198930 or +13106198930

HOSPITAL BILLING commented 2021-01-11
Bridget Laza’s remaining balance 34,000


2623088152 or +12623088152

noname commented 2021-01-11
can say


8026256799 or +18026256799

FL commented 2021-01-11
This number is scamming people. Please DO NOT BUY.


7722281081 or +17722281081

Eva Feichtinger commented 2021-01-11
A male person connacted me b Twitter . His photography showed a man and a boy. The name of the man was „ RichardSSchaeffer“. We started a conversation per What‘s App. Je pretended to be a doctor from Toronto, currently working in a Hospital in Kabul. Je showed me pictures from this Boy and a Little Girl, pretending that they were his grandchildren. I believed him and asked him to guve me a short call. When he called me, I realised that je could not be a native English speaking Person, because je had a clear accent. I also found out that on Instagram there was a person with the same name. I followed this Account and found the same photos, that the false Canadian doctor had sent to me. Among them, the photos of the zwo children. Nur the owner of this Account presented them as his son and his daughter. I think that the other man has hacked this Account and now used the photos to Build up a false personality.


8337200706 or +18337200706

james commented 2021-01-11
This is the best number to book flight tickets from USA only this number listed here


3027024501 or +13027024501

Tedy commented 2021-01-11
Scam number this they gonna take my account to steal more money


8333381451 or +18333381451

Doris commented 2021-01-11
SCAM fake AMAZON claiming you've ordered tv $6195. being shipped by ATS to an address you don't know.


5715366203 or +15715366203

Olaf Smith commented 2021-01-11
Who owns this number?


8776549630 or +18776549630

Eric commented 2021-01-10
Was called by this bummer at 320 pm on 1/10/21 from visa verification.


8332832439 or +18332832439

Emmie commented 2021-01-10
Said my Apple account has been locked for security reasons. It was a text message.


7344363787 or +17344363787

Michael commented 2021-01-10
Who is calling me?


7577800834 or +17577800834

Der Struwwelpeter commented 2021-01-10
who called me?


8780055425 or +18780055425

Chloe commented 2021-01-10
Whose phone number is this? Constantly ring and drop the call.


6290399715 or +16290399715

Sarafut mondol commented 2021-01-10
They called me and asked which bank I served. This is a lie. Do not trust such calls.


3153441890 or +13153441890

Praphawadee Srisanet commented 2021-01-10
If this number is belong to first flight courier company.


7707713068 or +17707713068

Ntege Timothy commented 2021-01-10
He is such apolite cool guy. And he is ever envolved in charity work. he is a God Fearing man. thats all.


8007533952 or +18007533952

Bill commented 2021-01-10
Called, left no message My phone policy....If I get a call and no message is left, I consider that number to be from a scammer and block it. Welcome to 2021


8304839641 or +18304839641

hitherm commented 2021-01-10
+18304839641 Who was this phone number owner this man was Cheating people and saying pay 200$ and he will return back 4000$ with in 24 hours his wallet address was; and collect bitcoin his wallet so please inform it to everyone don't pay him thanks hitherm