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7243035202 or +17243035202

Sheila commented 2021-01-13
i am assuming a scam number


9042111054 or +19042111054

Melanie Carter commented 2021-01-13
This guy is Frank and he's calling about my car warranty. Over and over again. I have asked him not to call but he keeps calling with other various numbers. This is illegal. Spam


4693446327 or +14693446327

Not fooled this time commented 2021-01-13
message left that said--as per our records, you are a victim of identity theft and your credit score was affected. Check for free here __________. No business name given or other identifiers. I did not go to the link!!! put the phone number in a google search and came to this site. Checked my credit score and saw nothing wrong. Deleted text message.


5649822507 or +15649822507

Anonymous in WA commented 2021-01-13
Spam/SCAM number. No voicemail. Callback to number is an immediate disconnect.


4127349041 or +14127349041

Joan Pope commented 2021-01-13
No message left -- caller hung up after only four rings. Caller ID said "UNKNOWN NAME". Guessing spam...


8773521579 or +18773521579

fred commented 2021-01-13
Wells Fargo scam


8059586892 or +18059586892

md commented 2021-01-12
Leaves a message saying if you don't want to be arrested to call back.


6233031850 or +16233031850

Pete commented 2021-01-12
Robo caller


5042917368 or +15042917368

SCAM commented 2021-01-12


9100178394 or +19100178394

Naresh commented 2021-01-12
Phone number kavalli


2138967391 or +12138967391

Karen commented 2021-01-12
Flute music playing when I answered, no answer when I called back. Wierd


2500333170 or +12500333170

John Kara commented 2021-01-12
He called me many times in the last week.between 18:00 and 06:00 Left no message!! Woke me of course!Ι I live in greece


9253329185 or +19253329185

Alex commented 2021-01-12
Scammer. Roams local marketplace websites trying to get unpaid **it sent abroad


6369391711 or +16369391711

John commented 2021-01-12
7 calls by noon .. harrassing


2815521366 or +12815521366

Mark Davis commented 2021-01-12
Fake phone bank number used for telemarketing. If you call it back, it's out of service. Scam call. Block the number.


5775631835 or +15775631835

Carrottop commented 2021-01-12
Called at 5:30 am. Left no message!! Woke me of course!


7016607633 or +17016607633

Ashutosh commented 2021-01-12
No, I don't know whose number it is


3094477154 or +13094477154

Юлия Валерьевна Радостева commented 2021-01-12
Вы кто?


2524653234 or +12524653234

Christian commented 2021-01-12
hey guys, the same he did to me, how did you solve it?


8185189121 or +18185189121

Smith commented 2021-01-12
Acts like a hardwood flooring business but the lady just acts get guys numbers and calls them to go out with her