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4127348832 or +14127348832

Jane Doe commented 2021-01-13
Hang up call from my old "friends" (that's sarcasm, BTW) at "A ABLE 1 ANSWE[RING]". DON'T PICK UP IF YOU GET A CALL FROM THESE PEOPLE -- NO MATTER WHAT NUMBER COMES UP! Because if it's them listed on the caller ID? lt's spam!


6028574343 or +16028574343

Kf commented 2021-01-13
Doedntcome up with the name E I was looking for. I think s scam


8702005389 or +18702005389

Anonymous commented 2021-01-13
The is a robot calling to solicit personal information.


9493357923 or +19493357923

S commented 2021-01-13
It’s Steve from Cardinal refinance. Won’t leave a message. Missed call everyday!


6124284407 or +16124284407

mvv commented 2021-01-13
scam - - said I had multiple infractions on my name and social and that they were from a law firm. Think I would have received a certified mail first.


5704973348 or +15704973348

tl commented 2021-01-13
ss scam got called a ****h by officer Brown


2767334002 or +12767334002

jake commented 2021-01-13
mom took my phone baby im sorry i love you so much ill try to text you tonight


8324167826 or +18324167826

jjjjj commented 2021-01-13
Whose number could it be?


7625679609 or +17625679609

Nunya commented 2021-01-13
This number comes up as a scam call. My phone automatically blocks these tyoes of numbers


6466877126 or +16466877126

Jo commented 2021-01-13
This number apparently called me just now. No call received! Not only do I not recognise it, I'm in the UK! Beware!


4696136286 or +14696136286

L.Stuart commented 2021-01-13
This came up telling me I was, per their records, a victim of identity theft and my credit score was affected. I have multiple credit checks for this sort of thing, NOTHING has ever come up, even on dark web checks. SCAM,SCAM,SCAM.


9288338351 or +19288338351

d commented 2021-01-13
Unwanted calls


9146781996 or +19146781996

Leticia C. Caceci commented 2021-01-13
I keep receiving phone calls from this number with a voice that says "hi, I'm John" What gives?


5053907708 or +15053907708

John commented 2021-01-13
Solicitor repeat calls after asking to stop. I will find who it is and take appropriate action


8653254167 or +18653254167

Miguel commented 2021-01-13
Quiero saber de dónde y aquí en pertenece este número q me llama


4752643472 or +14752643472

Yesenia commented 2021-01-13
Este nunero se hizo pasar por mi tía en el Face pidiéndome mi dni es una persona estafadora cuidado porfavor


8006596378 or +18006596378

Susie commented 2021-01-13
Callr said from Amazon. Wanted to confirm a $799.00 purchase for an iphone.


4127850217 or +14127850217

Eman C commented 2021-01-13
I got a call from this number but I did not answeres because I was sleeping. It happened 1130 PM Philippine time


4128502080 or +14128502080

Penny Wise commented 2021-01-13
Two calls from this number yesterday -- but the phone never rang either time, so I guess the phone blocker is working. Another site lists a strange sounding (fake?) name associated with this number; and when I Googled the name? No other hits besides that one.... Hmmmmm. Something sound a little hinky? Yeah, I thought so too.... Blocking the number now....


4697976427 or +14697976427

Bill commented 2021-01-13
Yea this idiot keeps wanting me to open this site about my credit report been compromised and to check my credit open. It yes ok they dumb asf need to find where they live