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4127348012 or +14127348012

Joan Pope commented 2021-01-15
Caller ID said "KELLY LORI" (who?) and caller hung up after only four rings -- before the answering machine could pick up. Presuming spam because trying to do a Google search for both the name and number got me a big fat goose egg....


8655374734 or +18655374734

Paul commented 2021-01-15
Fraudulent caller - use extreme care - shows up as a Brian McCord - claims to be from Medicare - seeking personal information. Dangerous.


9036297120 or +19036297120

john commented 2021-01-15
when answered in uk it cut off


9085434342 or +19085434342

Coman Veronica commented 2021-01-15
Vreau să aflu dacă persoana care deține numărul acesta de telefon este o persoană reală sau falsă.


6464376372 or +16464376372

Christiane Bohne commented 2021-01-15
I fell for a lovescammer.Please can you help me?.Thank you.I have contact with him by whatsapp via a facebook account (which is a fake account!)The number is +6464376372


8871117481 or +18871117481

chetan commented 2021-01-15
Who is it?


5264059522 or +15264059522

PR commented 2021-01-15
This is my accunt hacck


5129523134 or +15129523134

mitch commented 2021-01-15
allegedly inter-cargo courier


4087281408 or +14087281408

minh commented 2021-01-15
need to know where this person located.


2094501485 or +12094501485

Mirella Linares commented 2021-01-15
Miles you are mistaken. This is my Husband's# since 2017


3527069485 or +13527069485

Kathy Chancey commented 2021-01-15
Where is the next local Store near me. I have bought several things from Wish and it tells me there us a store in Zephyrhills. Could you give me that number thank you. KSC


3365834862 or +13365834862

Th commented 2021-01-15
This is a scam. A recording says your social security number has been frozen because of fraudulent activity. Press 1 to discuss this matter. A man with a very thick accent announces his name, and that he's from social security. Of I hung up.


3528042531 or +13528042531

Shay commented 2021-01-14
This number called my ph then and did not say block it


2786521216 or +12786521216

Alice Fischer commented 2021-01-14
Threatening phone call


8330472947 or +18330472947

RICH commented 2021-01-14


8886445249 or +18886445249

Rebecca Wilderbrook commented 2021-01-14
Probably a phishing scam, this number given to call if any questions regarding a notice that I was charged for Norton Lifelock automatic subscription renewal from online debit method but I do not have any subscription like this. The amount charged was ridiculously high as well, almost $ 300.00. Checking all my accounts, I learned that the amount was not actually charged. When I called this number I just got a mailbox number. Do not fall for this scam!!!


3363967065 or +13363967065

Kelley commented 2021-01-14
Just got a text from 1-336-396-7065, claiming they've been trying to get ahold of me, regarding my insurance account & to call this number. Of course I didn't & checked the number instead. Obviously it's not my insurance company, I do not know what they are connected to, but..... beware!


4146268431 or +14146268431

Michele quarton commented 2021-01-14
I googled number to see if legit it comes up so many different languages or says things off the wall like obese children it's an open to things like demons and took her for a ride. Left me a text.message stating they want me to try their product for free and give an evaluation. Trying to gain ones attention. Who wouldnt want to get free products and try for free all u have to do is write a review. Sounds good but google the number its anything but that. It possible trying to get one to open message link to hack their acct. For possible info which then they want to take everything from you as for financial gain. I did my homework esp around peoples.stimulus checks and cares act resources. So if anyone else who may have a better perspective of this number I would like to know. As far as I am concerned it's a scam and anyway into your financial assets


2021484609 or +12021484609

Penny Wise commented 2021-01-14
Spam robocall ad (even had music in the background!) -- only the message was in, I think, CHINESE! Caller ID said "United States" (yeah, right, and I've got a bridge for sale and some primo resort property in Florida too...). Not with that "+1" before the area code it's not. My husband and I got similar ones yesterday from a different #: "+1 (202) 493-3578" that had the caller ID of "Washington, DC". Moron spammers. Sorry, but Chinese wasn't a foreign language option in my high school: just French, German, and Spanish (they had long since dropped Japanese and Latin, and the kids who took Russian in middle school had to scramble for one of the three remaining ones. Blocked BOTH calls, and reported them to the Federal Do Not Call list.


8442676556 or +18442676556

ASmith commented 2021-01-14
just got this text: Josh Hawley's decision to object to the election results showed tremendous courage. It brought him instant scorn from the media & brought protestors to his home to harass his wife and newborn child. Conservatives should stand with him in defending our cherished values. Stop2End THIS IS DISGRACEFUL. HAWLEY ACTED UNCONSCIONABLY.